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It would be inconceivable to think that a life could be lived without making mistakes. We make mistakes all the time, daily in fact. Our lives are actually so full with mistakes it’s surreal. Each mistake is a touch point, an opportunity to reassess the result against a perceived alternative outcome. Through this experience reflection occurs and intrinsically we know to move towards improvement. The time it takes to demonstrate proficiency in that newly acquired chunk of awareness is dependent on our own mindset and that of the collective surrounding us. Continue Reading

How Music Should Be Taught In Schools

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Brilliant team work!

It’s not ok to only memorise birth dates and locations of famous musicians, kids needs to feel music, they need to DO something, then it will stick.

Also see this post: The Purpose of Education

Top Google Plus Influencers and Educators

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Voting is open, get clicking!

To help you find me on Mike Allton’s ‘Top Google+ Influencers and Educators‘ list I’ve embedded my listing below. If over the past few years I’ve in some way helped you gain new knowledge or skills on Google Plus please pay-it-back and click on the Vote Up arrow and/or the I know button.

Show your support, vote now.

Thanks in advance, your support is greatly appreciated.

See full list on Listly

SocialSafe Helps You Make Sense of Your Digital Data

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The SocialSafe opening proposition is: “Save all your social networks to your computer and enjoy your story in one safe place” which in itself is an interesting proposition; but there is more, much more!

I discovered this software via Robert Scoble’s Rackspace video early this morning. After watching the 30 minute video, I instantly knew this was one of those Eureka moments. Start by watching it for yourself: Continue Reading

How can open data help us make better decisions?

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Open Data stickers
Jonathan Gray / / CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication

Having access to a open data is an important step, but it’s only the beginning of the journey. The lure of even more open data is attractive, but knowing how to get improved insights that are actionable is something else, and in most cases out of the reach of those without either the talent or funds.

“The UK is absolutely at the vanguard of the global open data movement, and NGOs have a great sense that this is something they want to play a part in.

Although open data may in part be a solution for the ‘fear of failure’ problem, it would seem that this is more a solution looking for a problem. The interpretation of the data is still a key component in the process and this needs to be done by those with sector or industry expertise and with data they can interpret.

Solving the fear of failure problem is one of the main arguments for adopting an open data policy in any sector or industry, and the ‘fail fast’ approach has been used by big data businesses for decades. Continue Reading
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