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Are you in Favour of Free Schools?

Academies and “free schools” are two engines for what could be the most radical overhaul of schools in England for a generation.

They are both driven by the Conservative philosophy of giving schools more freedom to run their own affairs – and the curriculum.

What are Free Schools?

Free Schools will be set up by a wide range of proposers, including charities, universities, businesses, educational groups, teachers and groups of parents, in response to parental demand, to improve choice and drive up standards for all young people, regardless of their background. Free Schools will provide an inclusive education to young people of all abilities, from all backgrounds, and will be clearly accountable for the outcomes they deliver.

  • the ability to set their own pay and conditions for staff
  • greater control of their budget
  • freedom from following the National Curriculum
  • freedom to change the length of terms and school days
  • freedom from local authority control.

Who can set up a Free School?

  • charities
  • academy sponsors
  • universities
  • independent schools
  • community and faith groups
  • teachers
  • parents
  • businesses.


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