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The Future of Google Plus

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14 Things you learn about Google+ from Tae
Live from CrushIQ

Right after +Daria Musk took the stage, +Tae E. Kim had a great presentation today at CrushIQ and the Q&A really shed some light on some questions I've heard you guys asking around. Here's everything I was able to glean from him. Some are obvious and others provide a definitive answer about the more philosophical parts of Google+. Enjoy!

1) In 6 months Google+ is going to look like a different product as it integrates with other Google poducts
2) Multiple administrators for brand pages coming in Q1 2012
3) Viewing some circles and not others is probably coming as more circle management tools are integrated (Katango anyone?)
4) It was intentional to accomplish meeting new people and connecting you with the people you know. Google will be happy when it does both
5) To be a verified brand you need to put the G+ badge on your website and a lot of followers. Google will do the rest.
6) Google isn't going to wait for a product to be fully baked before releasing because if they did it would stifle innovation (thats why it's the Google+ project not product)
7) AdWords is coming to Google+ but monetizing is not a priority now, will use Ripples
8) 100% functionality is a main goal for mobile
9) Mobile iPhone app doesn't have all Android functionality? Get an Android. More seriously Google has limited resources and will update iPhone as soon as they can after Android
10) Social media was diluted in Reader to integrate with g+
11) Search with a "+" Google to find pages or people
12) Dont call your circle of Google products "Google Brand Pages" call it "Google Product Updates"
13) What to tell your boss to get a company G+ page? Everyone uses Google. It makes sense.
14) Over 250 companies have brand pages that google helped with, growing every day
And now enjoy some pictures ;)

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Visual Thinking in Business Model Design

At the heart of every business beat two essential elements: an idea and a plan. An idea without a plan is just a dream. A plan without an idea is just a list. For a business to grow and thrive, it must have both.

A “Vivid” idea weaves together both words and pictures to create a visual+verbal image we can see, understand, and remember. And that is a great way to describe a business.

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Make Your Business Model Clear with Vivid Thinking. Guest Post by Dan Roam « Business Model Alchemist
Visual Thinking is central to designing, testing, and building business models. So I was really excited when Dan Roam accepted to write a guest post on the Business Model Alchemist. His brand new book…

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