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Dyslexia Rebranded

This post was inspired by, and this recent tweet…

RT @dan_roam: More on dyslexia “American Astronomical Society suggests that dyslexia may enhance ability to make sense of visual data and detect patterns”

Be honest, when you hear the word Dyslexia do you get a positive or negative feeling? My non-scientific guess would be a bias toward the negative. I’d be interested to hear your reaction to my assumption, leave a comment below.

Recent research could shed new light on how those who struggle to learn conventionally could hold vital keys to desired 21st centrury skills, pattern detection and sense making. Pattern recognition is widely renowned as a key skill when analysing data, isn’t it great that there is a body of people with such skills to help those without such skills.

If you are Dyslexic (or as I prefer to think of them, Sensic’s) it may be time to dust of your CV and let those who are seeking to make meaning of data, fully aware that you may be able to help in ways no one else can. Dyslexia rebranded!

#learning #dyslexia #datavisualization #rebrand #positivethinking

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Unhappy Customers

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. ~ Bill Gates

#learning #customers #measurement

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Laugh More, Learn More

discit enim citius, meminitque libentius illud quod quis deridet quam quod probat et veneratur ~ Horace

(each learns more readily, and retains more willingly, what makes him laugh than what he approves of and respects)

#latin #learning #retention cc/ for my favourite Latin scholar, +Laura Gibbs

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I Will Take The Learn Option Please

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Whale Sharks Don’t Live In Fish Tanks

Co-Existing: Bridging Cultural Differences

Before we begin you may want to pop the kettle on and make a fresh cuppa – this post is not short. An interesting thing occured this evening. A photographer by the name of Shirley Lo +1’d three of my posts on Google Plus.

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