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WPtouch Pro is a WordPress plugin to add powerful, easy-to-use themes for mobile + tablet visitors. It’s also a theming framework, great for creating mobile & tablet themes for your clients. Easily setup a rich mobile theme for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Palm OS and Samsung touch mobile visitors, completely independent of your desktop theme. It works by detecting devices like iPhones, iPads, Android & and more, serving its optimized themes instead of your regular desktop theme. Visitors can always switch back if they choose.

WPtouch Pro Review:

It’s been on my to-do list for quite some time to create a consistent feel for the website across both mobile and desktop. I’ve tried many of the free plugins but never really got the result I was looking for. Today I bit the bullet and upgraded to WPtouch Pro version and began customisation. After some hours of tweaking I’m now really happy with the result.  There will be improvements made in the future but just for today I feel like it’s a big step forward.

WPtouch Pro has thousands of hours of work behind it. We think it’s the most polished, professional mobile plugin available for WordPress.

After working with this plugin I have to agree with the above statement. If you’re interested to see the results simply visit the site on any smartphone or tablet.  WPtouch Pro specifically optimises for iPad. I’ve not yet seen it live on an iPad but I’m led to believe it should be a very user-friendly experience. Actually if you have an iPad please send me a screenshot or two – it would be much appreciated. Send images to paul at simbeckhampon dot com.

If you are using WPtouch Pro on your site leave a link in the comments below. Thanks for visiting.

Mobile – HTC Desire S and Motorola Xoom2 

WPTouch Pro

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