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What motivates you to give your best?

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Cowbird is a cool storytelling platform

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While reading the morning news I discovered Cowbird. It's a well designed functional storytelling community platform. Visit:

As I reviewed a few posts I found this short story which had a great message and a happy ending. What a great start to the day. I'm going to explore Cowbird a little more later.

Insight: "When we are forced to attend to the places where we are most stuck, such as when faced with our anger and fear, we have the perfect opportunity to go to the roots of our attachments. This is why we repeatedly emphasise the need to welcome such experiences, to invite them in, to see them as our path. Normally we may only feel welcoming towards our pleasant experiences, but Buddhist practice asks us to welcome whatever comes up, including the unpleasant and the unwanted, because we understand that only by facing these experiences directly can we become free of their domination. In this way, they no longer dictate who we are." (Ezra Bayda, from 'Beyond Happiness')

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How I lost everything & how you can too by Fiona Robyn
I stepped onto the train platform and felt for the strap of my handbag. My rucksack was there. The present for my friend Heather was there. My tube ticket was there. Where was my handbag? My handbag…

Social Business: Fundamentally Transforming The Way Work Is Done

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Insight: "The case for why ever more organizations are implementing social business practices comes down to sustaining their competitiveness and profitability in economies in which rivals, partners and customers are adopting new ways of conducting business. More than simply using social media tools, we have entered a new period of fundamental transformation in the way work is done at all levels of the enterprise and across all organizational boundaries."

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Social Business Adoption

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Thanks to +Sandy Carter for this great Social Business #infographic  

The 10 stages:

Create a new way of working
1) Integrate into processes
2) Customise the experience
3) Drive culture with governance
4) Hire Social job roles

Launch with top and groundswell
5) Leaders show the way
6) Evangelize and enable

Engage to fit into the work styles and culture
7) Motivate and engage
8) Reverse mentor your leaders
9) Raise and internal brand army
10) Show metrics and value

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Top 10 Social Business Adoption Steps: Infographic

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