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The Social Organisation

These Gardner insights should not be missed. The article and associated links answer the following questions…

What are the benefits of social organization?

What is a social organizational maturity model?

Given social is not a destination, but rather a journey, which executive should own "social" in business?

The fundamental question that CIOs, CMOs and CEOs that have to answer for the next decade is "How will technology support growth?"

What is your advice to CIOs and CMOs and the difference between digital and IT strategy?

What is your best advice to CIOs and CMOs?

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One the most informative chats we have had on CXO Talk – amazing insights!

Gartner Group Vice President: The One Question CIOs, CMOs and CEOs Must Ask
How will technology support growth is the fundamental question that must drive strategy. Desperate strategies across the different lines of business will not produce a realization of how technology ca…

Smart Systems Create Smarter Environments

bridging knowledge to health
paul bica / Health Photos / CC BY

Smart systems are connecting things everywhere. We live in a world that measures,  senses and adjusts to our every desire, and this is only the beginning of how man will make his environment smarter. Are you ready for the thing revolution? Continue Reading

From People Centric To API Centric

The discipline of marketing is shifting from people-centric to API-centric activities.

Here’s a few extracts I found interesting:

This isn’t just a single role – the entire marketing team is being disrupted. Rather than a VP of #Marketing with a bunch of non-technical marketers reporting to them, instead growth #hackers are engineers leading teams of engineers. The process of integrating and optimizing your product to a big platform requires a blurring of lines between marketing, product, and engineering, so that they work together to make the product market itself.

Before this era, the discipline of marketing relied on the only communication channels that could reach 10s of millions of people – newspaper, TV, conferences, and channels like retail stores. To talk to these communication channels, you used people – advertising agencies, #PR, keynote speeches, and business development. Today, the traditional communication channels are fragmented and passe. The fastest way to spread your product is by distributing it on a platform using APIs, not MBAs. Business development is now API-centric, not people-centric.

For the first time ever, superplatforms like #Facebook and #Apple uniquely provide access to 10s of millions of customers The discipline of marketing is shifting from people-centric to API-centric activities Growth hackers embody the hybrid between marketer and coder needed to thrive in the age of platforms.

Thanks to +Alex Schleber for surfacing this gem. cc/ +Tom Hampson +David Pidsley

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Growth Hacker is the new VP Marketing | Andrew Chen (@andrewchen)
YouTube didn’t need ads to spread itself – instead it used embeds. Ad via Laughing Squid The rise of the Growth Hacker The new job title of Growth

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Exponential Function

Chichicastenango Market, Guatemala
szeke / People Photos / CC BY

This is a post that will take up your time, in total maybe an hour or two.  In case you are just way to busy to dedicate that amount of time – here is the bottom line: if population continues to grow (at any % rate), and consumption does not decline, resources will not exist to support us.

The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function. ~ Prof. A. Bartlett

A 7% growth rate doubles the original number over a ten year period – fact < the exponential function in action… Continue Reading

The Power of Full Engagement

Outdoor Gas Installation
christian.senger / Travel Photos / CC BY-SA

Physical energy is measured in terms of low to high and emotional energy is measured in terms of negative to positive. We must be careful because energy capacity diminishes both with overused and underuse. Continue Reading

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