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The World of Personalisation

Insights: Highly personal, predictive, contextualised data available real time, 24/7, across all devices. Interesting insights about the expectations of a sixth month cycle and how software should focus on serving us, as individuals. Customer focused and agile, and not chasing shiny technology. Like imagination replacing information in CIO :)  Better quality inbound, better quality outbound. Google glass, an assistant who knows who you are; merging datasets of those with you to best serve all interests. The world of personalisation. Great final quote about gravity at 30:00.

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my video interview with +Robert Scoble and +Michael Krigsman about death of the desktop, social machines and contextual intelligence Is the desktop dead? Scoble and friends face-off on mobile

Join The Dots

Insight: …information as dots on a screen and the story is the way to connect those dots…

"Professor Brian Sturm presents storytelling as a way of organizing information, conveying emotions, and building community. A model of #storytelling as altered state of consciousness (the story trance) is presented that includes 16 portals to altered states. Three stories are told to illustrate the theoretical model: Truth and Story; What happens when you really listen; and The stone cutter. Storytelling ethics and the need for trust and truth are discussed." #fav  

Risky (Social) Business

Understanding the risks of becoming a social business

Companies need to understand that social risk management is a balance between risk management and engagement – Too much risk management and there is no engagement – Too much engagement and companies are caught unaware. Companies definitely assess both the benefits and risks of being a social business. ~ para. from aewebber33

“According to Altimeter, social media risk can be defined as:

The likelihood that a negative social media event will happen X (multiplied by) the impact that negative event will have if it does happen…

Two thirds of companies surveyed say that social media is a significant or critical risk to their brand reputation; however, previous research by Altimeter found that 60% never train their employees about their corporate social media policies, or do so only upon initial hiring.

The biggest concerns revolve around brand reputation; release of confidential information; legal, regulatory and compliance violations; and identity theft/brand hijacking.

The major sources of risk that companies say they are most concerned about are the “big three”: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.”


US Education: Six Year Old Suspended For Sexual Assault

The article’s title should read…

US Education: Obama recommends psychological rehab for all those involved in the 6 yr old sex assault scandal.

My comment and initial reaction on the original post:

‘Overboard’ is a pleasant and polite way to say it… I’d say that any adult who comes to the conclusion that a 6 year old child should be labeled a sex offender and officially removed from school needs clinical help and/or locking up. I’m ashamed to be part of the human race, and really glad I’m not American! #shameful

As I read the NY Times article the first thing that strikes me is that the person/principal who made this decision was a woman – I’d automatically decided that only a man could be so stupid.

I’d suggest, based on the information provided, that this adult needs a break from being near children. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone should be given a second chance, but first you have to understand you did something (very) wrong.

This teacher must resign! It’s not clear from the article but it appears she is still in her position. I also think she should send an official written apology to the little boy, the girl, their friends and family; the boy should be returned to his original school.

The end of article is very sad. The little boy had been transferred to another school and is said to be somewhat confused by all the fuss.


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Schools have gone overboard with this “sexual assault” stuff. It was just a couple of 6 year olds rough housing.

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Boy, 6, Suspended in Sexual Assault Case at Elementary School
The incident of the 6-year-old boy suspended from elementary school for a case of “sexual assault” is not isolated, experts say.

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Architects in China getting way out of the box

Architects in China getting WAY out of the box!

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The Vertical Urban Forest

MAD Architects are currently in the process of designing a vertical urban forest for the heart of Chongqing, China. – With over 70 floors, and each one custom designed, it’s definitely going to be a building to remember… if it gets built. :P

For more information visit:

School isn’t really about learning

School isn’t really about learning

School isn’t really about learning; it’s about short-term memorization of meaningless information that never comes up later in life. The school model was never intended to help people acquire practical skills. It is intended to satisfy observers that knowledge is being acquired (for short periods of time). ~ Roger SchankVirtual Learning. p. 7.

How 150 Cents Changed Everything

How 150 Cents Changed Everything

For a number of years now I’ve been extensivly researching all things technology and learning. I began bookmarking posts and organising data using Delicious and Chrome via a manual export-import methodology. One of the problems I found was that I was not returning to Delcious very often, so although the list was increasing in size, it didn’t really serve it’s purpose of being accessible and useful. Continue Reading

The Future of Mobile Tagging


Blade Runner: Ridley Scott,  

The scene depicted above is from the futuristic film, Blade Runner. There is a scene where … stop! You know what, just scan the code I’ve added above – this scene came to mind as I was constructing the post, especially the opening line. Continue Reading

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