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LeadORS: What behaviour type are you?

Change takes courage 

+Paul Simbeck-Hampson challenged me to come up with a visual for the Satir Change Model. Not easy if +Dan R.D. already created a soundtrack for it..! [1] H/t +John Kellden [2] [1] [2] #changetheworld
…but you don't have to do it on your own… that's the power of networks.

Inspired by +John Kellden and +Dan R.D., visualised by +Joachim Stroh – honoured to be connected to all three… #changetheworld #fav  

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+Paul Simbeck-Hampson challenged me to come up with a visual for the Satir Change Model. Not easy if +Dan R.D. already created a soundtrack for it..! [1] H/t +John Kellden [2] 



A UK Council Bans A Child’s Health Blog (Then Doesn’t) 

Free Pretty Green Kiwi Fruit on Aqua with Little Flowers Creative Commons
Pink Sherbet Photography / Flowers Photos / CC BY

Pretty appalled by this story and that is putting it mildly. A little girl has been photographing, rating and describing her school dinners on her blog, as a result she’s becoming quite famous. She also connected with others around the world who shared their daily school meals and thus created quite a community. In the course of all this she also raised 20k+ for charity. Not bad! And very creative! Continue Reading

The Power Of Stories

The power of stories: great advert from Audi

Your Words Have Power, Use Them Wisely

#image #kids #education #parents

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I have no idea who created this image. But good grief, it’s powerful.

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Visceral Value in Virtual Conversations

Visceral Value in Virtual Conversations

Today I was inspired by a conversation with Anne McCrossan. Despite some tech difficulties with my mobile broadband, we successfully shared some of our stories for over an hour which, as often seems to happen with like minded people, was pure inspiration. Continue Reading

The Power of Full Engagement

Outdoor Gas Installation
christian.senger / Travel Photos / CC BY-SA

Physical energy is measured in terms of low to high and emotional energy is measured in terms of negative to positive. We must be careful because energy capacity diminishes both with overused and underuse. Continue Reading

Brand Name Value

Selling at a premium indicates you ‘have’ a brand…

Clipped from

What’s the Value in a Brand Name?

“If you as a company tell me that you have a brand name, I’m going to ask you a question: ‘Do you have the power to charge a higher price for the same product?’” Damodaran said, “If your answer is no, I don’t think you have a brand. You may think you do, but I don’t think your brand has any value.”

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